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ModelDescription / ItemEuro


PE01 Assembled model for strong wind (more than 5m/s) 740
PE11 Nose part (with pilot and magnet) 110
PE21 Pylon (with one-position timer) 75
PE31 Stabiliser 90
PE41 Front tailboom 24
PE51 Rear tailboom 24
PE61 Wing (covered) 425
PE02 Assembled model for moderate wind (2 - 5 m/s) 770
PE12 Nose part (with pilot and magnet) 110
PE22 Pylon (with one-position timer) 75
PE32 Stabiliser 75
PE42 Front tailboom 24
PE52 Rear tailboom 24
PE62 Wing (covered) 460
PE03 Assembled model for light wind and fly-offs 835
PE13 Nose part (with pilot and magnet) 110
PE23 Pylon (with one-position timer) 75
PE33 Stabiliser 95
PE43 Front tailboom 30
PE53 Rear tailboom 24
PE63 Wing (covered) 475
  • Please, note, that magnets for F1E model are included
  • Covering. Model for strong wind covered with: wing - Fibafilm, stabiliser - Fibafilm. Model for moderate wind covered with: wing - polyester, stabiliser - lavsan (mylar). Model for light wind covered with: upper wing - Icorex, lower wing - polyester, stabiliser - lavsan (mylar).
  • The models could be equipped with Bunt mechanism and 3-position timer. It adds Euro30 a price.
  • Set of lead balancing weights (50/100/150/200/250 grammes) - Euro45.
  • The customers, who acquired assembled model, could order smaller parts that are not listed (like wingtips etc.)